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Technical Advice

Although most small businesses will use the services of a professional when it comes to financial, legal and selling assistance, more often than not, they will employ the services of a friend or member of the family when it comes to IT and communications guidance. We specialise in providing that independent second opinion or sanity check to a proposed solution.

We concentrate on making sense out of the IT hype and jargon that floods the industry. You need to ensure that what you use delivers for your business. Buying something that a friend has recommended may sound like a good idea but you should consider things like:

That is just three of the many questions that you should consider before you spend any money on a poorly investigated IT solution.

We have over 25 years' experience in the IT industry. Our services can be as simple as describing in lay terms some part of IT technology to helping select and implement a total solution. Some of the areas we specialise in are listed below: