Genealogy Data Auditing

Is Your Genealogy Data Accurate?

How confident are you that the information entered in your family tree is correct? Have you assumptions that have not been challenged that you think are correct.

Simple Errors

Errors are easy to create. Some you probably know about. Like a recent entry not yet completed, but others may slip by unnoticed. Errors may be caused by:
  • Selecting the wrong person,especially if they have the same given names in successive generations
  • Typing and transposition errors. Trying to type 1883 and keying 1838
  • Copying someone else's mistakes
There are numerous other ways to create errors. Happily, many genealogy programs have a report function that allows you to check for obvious errors. Probable errors like:
  • Child born before mother is age 13 or over 50
  • Death recorded after burial
  • Person living after 100
Some of the better programs allow you to adjust the parameters used to create the report. Have you reviewed your genealogy information recently?

Complex Errors

These programs are good at highlighting the easy to find errors because they use simple logic that finds the most common typographical and erroneous linking mistakes. But what about more complex errors? Errors like:
  • You link your ancestor to the wrong family in the same village because there were two children born on similar days with the same name.
  • The census record shows your ancestor, but one of her brothers is not on the record. You conclude that it must be the same family and that brother was not at home on census day. Or is it the right family?
  • There appears to be no record for that individual at or near the date you have. Are you relying on a secondary source that in all probability is inaccurate?

Our Services

This is where we can help. We can review your data, or a segment of your information. Not only can we find the standard logical errors, but also we will challenge each and every conclusion, source, quotation and linkage within the data provided. Please contact us and we would be happy to discuss your requirements and provide an estimation, obligation free.