Weinel Name Genealogy
These pages are dedicated to all those that descend from one of the WEINEL families originally from Germany.

Records of the WEINEL name are common in the late seventeenth century from the valley of the Nahe river in Germany. Other variations of the name start appear in other areas of Germany during the early eighteenth century. Toward the end of that century onwards members of the various Weinel families have gradually spread to all corners of the globe. Family groups can now be found in diverse countries like; Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand, the United States and, of course, Germany.

We are interested in tracing our ancestry and getting a better picture of the spread of the WEINEL name. If you are a member of the family and are reading this, or if you know of a person with the surname Weinel, please consider contacting us or passing on this web address. Our postal address can also be found on the same page via the "Contact Us" link on the side menu. Thanks.

Meanings of the Weinel Name: References and ideas for the meaning of the Weinel name and how the name may have been derived.
Origins of the Weinel Name: Some thoughts about the start of the Weinel family name and where two of the larger family branches originated.

Relationships and Cousins: How do you describe the relationship between family members? Cousins once or twice or many times removed - what does it all mean? How do they work? Maybe the link on the side menu will help.
Relationship Chart & Children: Chart to enable to work out the relationship of two family members with a common ancestor. How to handle adopted and or children that are part of more than one marriage.
Guidelines for Good Genealogy: Some tips for the recording of genealogy information and the sharing of such information with others.

Genealogy Data Auditing: Why you should review your data and how we can help.